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What Is Axon?

Axon is an online store that specialises in smart health, fitness, home automation and lifestyle products. Axon is all about using the technology we have available to us today in order to live more connected lives, making us happier, healthier and safer!

But Axon is more than just a shop. We are an online community of tech enthusiasts where we will create online video content on our YouTube channel to inform our audience on the latest products, trends and rumours. This YouTube channel goes hand in hand with our online blog which will post about even more things that we just don't have the time to make videos about.

Not only do we love showing new and interesting things to our audience but we love to learn from them too so we are in constant communication with our community via all our social media platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

So if you like what Axon is all about and what we are starting here please like us on Facebook and subscribe on youtube to be the first to know when we go live!