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Do you know how important your posture really is?

Most people don’t realise exactly how important their posture is to their health and you could be one of them! Bad posture can be the cause of a number of health issues from headaches to back pain. Maintaining good posture actually engages your core, opening up your diaphragm helping you breathe better also giving your organs the room they need to aid in digestion.

BEFORE                                                             AFTER
Not only does good posture help you medically, it can also help you mentally in the way you feel! Bad posture makes your look and feel more tired and sluggish and even self conscious. Standing up straight can actually help increase engird levels, productivity and reduce stress. Good posture can even help you communicate more confidently to others and most importantly you’ll look better than you do when you slouch.
Good posture is easy to maintain when you’re thinking about it, however most of us don’t have time to focus on our posture all day in our busy lives so we tend to forget and slouch right back into our seats!
We have the solution!! Introducing Lumo Lift, the smart posture coach & Activity tracker.
Lumo Lift monitors your posture throughout the day whilst you sit at your desk or in meetings and when your posture drops it gives you a slight nudge to remind you to sit up straight! This way you don’t have to think about your posture all day and you can focus on the fun things! Only $139 + Postage from Axon Australia.