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Best Gift Ideas for Tech and Gadget Lovers!

Are you trying to find a gift for someone who loves tech, but you don’t want to spend a fortune? Here are our top gifts for tech heads!!


Our first tech gift is called Ulla! This is a smart little attachment for your water bottle which tracks when you drink from it so that when you forget it flashes to remind you. It also makes a great gift for someone who works in an office or on a construction site as it can be easy to forget to hydrate in these environments.
Ulla has 3 mains sensors inside its tiny body. The first is a light sensor, this is so it doesn’t flash at night or in cinemas where it can wake you up or annoy people. The second is a tilt sensor so it knows when you pick it up to take a sip. The last one is a proximity sensor, this is so ulna can tell if you’re in the room or not, this way it doesn’t waste its battery when you’re not there.
The battery is replaceable and lasts abut 6 months.
Ulla is only $34.95 and available in Black, White, Blue, Green, Pink and Purple.
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    Our next pick is one we could all use. Flux is a great little portable charger that fits right behind your phone and is thin enough to fit in your pocket or handbag comfortably. 
    Flux comes in 2 sizes, a 4,000mAh and a 10,000mAh battery. 
    They both have built in Lightning and Micro USB cables.
    The 10,000mAh option also includes two standard USB ports so you can charge anything else that uses USB.
    The 4,000mAh gives you approximately 1-2 full charges of a standard smartphone where as the 10,000mAh gives you around 3-4 full charges.
    Flux comes in Black or White and starts at just $39.95.
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      Lumo Lift

      Lumo Lift is the next gadget on our list! Lumo Lift is a smart posture coach which attaches to your shirt just under your collar bone and monitors your posture throughout the day. When you slouch Lumo with give you a quick buzz to get you to sit back up straight. 
      This is a great gift for anyone who works in an office or just at a desk for long amounts of time and can help prevent some serious back and posture issues in the future. 
      Lumo Lift connects to an app available on nearly any iOS or Android device where you can see your posture throughout the day as well as your steps.
      Lumo lift is only $134.99.

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